Studies in philosophy and literature (French and German) at the University of Paris, Sorbonne Student of Robert Minder and Etienne Decroux Adaptation of plays for German and French plays broadcasting. Production of radio plays for Radiodiffusion Française. 1958 Founded the Theatre de la Mandragore and the Centre International de Recherches Théâtrales - Paris (General manager) LEONCE AND LENA (Büchner) Production in German and French (Paris, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg) Research topics: The individual and the marionette in German and French romanticism Differences and similarities between the German and French mentality (Continuous work on this topic during the following years) 1959 THE JAR PLAY (Plautus) Production and adaptation (Paris) Research topics: Physical expression in acting The use of masks 1960/1961 LEONCE AND LENA / THE JAR PLAY (European Tour: 64 cities) OPERAS ELECTRONIQUES Productions of experimental plays using concrete and electronic music by Almuro, Scheffer, Stockhausen 1962-1963 MÉTAMORPHOSES 1 (Mehring) Production of visual plays developed during rehearsals (Théâtre de Lutèce - Paris) Research topics: Possible ways to freedom inside of contemporary social structures Tour 1963 - Théâtre da la Mandragore France, Germany and Spain Actors from 14 different countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America) join Wolfram Mehring. The international character of the Théâtre de la Mandragore becomes evident. French Television Award Award for the production of the year: THE JAR PLAY Biennial Theatre Festival of Paris Award for the best production German Television Documentary on Mehring’s method and his concept of the "complete actor" EN SES METAMORPHOSES - UN SEUL ET MEME VISAGE Publication of a photographic study on marks with make-up – (Published by PLON, Paris) Photos: Therese Le Prat - Masks: Grillon - Performed by Wolfram Mehring Centre International de Recherches Théâtrales moved to the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier (Paris) Wolfram Mehring becomes director of the school for dramatic arts Ecole du Vieux Colombier / Salle Raymond Losserand 1964/1965 WOYZECK (Georg BÜchner) Production (Biennial Théâtre Festival, Paris) FEUX ROUGES (Wolfram Mehring) Production (Théâtre de Lutèce, Paris) METAMORPHOSES II (Wolfram Mehring) Production (Festival in Toulon) THE JAR PLAY (Plautus) Production (Théâtre Moderne, Paris) Tour 1965 - Théâtre da la Mandragore France, Germany and Belgium next >>>