1966-1970 Théâtre de la Mandragore in the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier Wolfram Mehring takes over the artistic direction, repertoire and management of the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier, Paris GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM Production and artistic direction WOYZECK (BÜchner) Production and adaptation FROM MORN TO MIDNIGHT (Georg Kaiser) Production and adaptation THE JAR PLAY (Plautus) Production   THE CAT (Ludwig Tieck / Wolfram Mehring) Production and Adaptation QUARTET (Wolfram Mehring) Play about contemporary problems of communication Production LE COCTAIL DU DIABLE (Grabbe) Production MATINEES POÉTIQUES Organization of matinees on German poetry AMERICA HURRAH (v. Italie) Production (Theatre Frankfurt am Main) INTERCULTURAL EXPRESSION Exploration of the universality of physical and vocal expression (Theatre studio) L'ACTEUR TOTAL The actor as performer of totality - Influence of Asian and African consciousness (Theatre studio) Tours 1968 - Théâtre da la Mandragore France (Strasbourg, Rouen, Lille, Nice, Marseille, Arcachon, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Bordeaux, Dijon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Caen, Annecy), Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Egypt, Switzerland, Portugal, Lebanon (Tripoli Festival) Syria, Iraq 1969-1970 GEORG BÜCHNER (Wolfram Mehring) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) TOM PEINE (Foster) Production (Frankfurt am Main City-Theatre) Six month tour 1970 - Théâtre da la Mandragore Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan THEATRE WORKSHOP (University of Tokyo) 1971-1972 YVONNE (Gombrovic) Production (Frankfurt am Main City-Theatre) THE TUTOR (Lenz) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) JOAQUIN MURIETA (Neruda) Production (DÜsseldorf City-Theatre) THE CAT (Tieck / Mehring) Production in Hindi-Urdu (Company Deshanta, New Delhi, India) TALE FOR 24 HOURS Science-fiction plays for German Television Production ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Shakespeare) Production (DÜsseldorf City-Theatre) DIRECTING WORKSHOP Together with directors from Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, etc. (Simla, Himalaya, India) 1973 THE RULE AND THE EXCEPTION (Brecht) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) FORCES (Wolfram Mehring) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) LORENZACCIO (Musset/Bussoti) Production (State Opera Hamburg) African tour 1973 – Théâtre de la Mandragore Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Madagascar, Ghana, Togo THE MAGICAL DIMENSION OF THEATRE Lectures and Workshop Japan: Toho University, Tokyo Korea: National University Seoul, Tongo University, Ewha University; Sorabol University Cooperation with Asian and African ensembles 1974 BLOOD WEDDING (Lorca) Production (State theatre Wiesbaden Theatre festival) OTELLO (Verdi) Production (National Opera of Korea Seoul) LIBERATIONS (Mehring) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) Tour 1974 - Théâtre da la Mandragore Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland BODY - VOICE – SPACE Workshop leading to a Theatre production (National Theatre Khartoum, Sudan; I.N.A. Kinshasa, Zaire; Mandragore Tokyo, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand) 1975 ACTING AS A PROCESS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Workshop leading to a theatre production (Conservatoire National de Montréal, Canada) TWELFTH-NIGHT; OR, WHAT YOU WILL (Shakespeare) Production (NÜrnberg Theatre) Critics Award RASHOMON (Akutagawa) Production (Theatre festival, State theatre Wiesbaden) CARMEN (Bizet) Production (National Opera of Korea, Seoul) LA MORT DE B¼CHNER (Mehring) Production (Conservatoire National de Montréal) NON-VERBAL EXPRESSION IN ACTING Workshop (Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto – France: Paris) 1976 DANTON'S DEATH (BÜchner) Production (NÜrnberg Theatre) WOYZECK (BÜchner) Production in Arabic (State Theatre Khartoum Sudan) THE CREATIVE POTENTIAL OF THE EUROPEAN ACTOR Workshop, studio, lectures (Showbourg – Rotterdam) Publication of the final lecture in Dutch and German theatres CHUKCHOK A Thai Theatre Experiment on the tenth incarnation of Buddha Production (Chiang Mai, Bangkok) THE DRAMATIC CONFLICT IN EUROPEAN, ASIAN, AND AFRICAN THEATRE Workshop (Paris, Tokyo, Cairo, Khartoum) 1977 LE CAPITAINE FRACASSE (Théophile Gautier) Production (State Theatre Darmstadt) IL TROVATORE (Verdi) Production (National Theatre Mannheim) THE GREEK TRAGEDY - ORIGIN OF EUROPEAN THEATRE Workshop leading to a production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) IDENTIFICATION AND DISTANCE (Actors Studio; Academy of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro) 1978 LES CAPRICES DE MARIANNE (Musset) Production (Darmstadt State Theatre) ANTIGONE (Sophocles) Production (Théâtre de la Mandragore, Paris) THE BIRDS (Aristophanes) Production (Theatre festival Moers) ANTIGONE (Sophocles) Production (State theatre Darmstadt) Tour 1978 - Théâtre da la Mandragore Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zaire, Senegal <<<back        next >>>