1990 TWELFTH-NIGHT; OR, WHAT YOU WILL (Shakespeare) Production (SaarbrÜcken State Theatre) TALES OF HOFFMANN (Offenbach) Production (Freiburg City Theatre) EUROPEAN AND ASIAN STRUCTURES IN THEATRE Workshop (Osaka / Hiroshima, Japan) THE TROJAN WOMEN (Euripides) Production and Project: Women in antique theatre (Karlsruhe State Theatre) BRECHT IN FRANCE AND GERMANY Lecture (Centre Pompidou, Paris) A CRANE IN THE SNOW (Mehring) Play based on a Japanese legend Production (Freiburg City Theatre) 1991 ADA (Minoru Miki) Kabuki-Opera Production (Japanese Opera Foundation, Metropolitan Theatre Tokyo) KASPAR (Handke) Production (City Theatre Freiburg) THE GAME OF LOVE AND CHANCE (Marivaux) Production (Schwetzingen Festival) IDOMENEO (Mozart) Production (Freiburg City Theatre) DAGHAR (Tagore) Production (Rabindranath Tagore Festival, Calcutta, India) FIRE DANCE (Mehring) An American Indian Tale – Project against racism Production (Freiburg City Theatre) 1992 LYSISTRATA (Aristophanes) Production Project: Women in ancient theatre (Karlsruhe State Theatre) DER FREISCH¼TZ (K. M. Weber) Production (Trier Theatre) THE FIERY ANGEL (Prokofiev) Production (Freiburg City Theatre) THE ACTORS CREATIVE POTENTIAL Workshop in preparation for an international centre of dramatic arts (Malta) AYMINEH - THE YOUNG SHEPHERDESS (Mehring) Production - Continuation of the project against racism (Freiburg City Theatre) The Project against racism was finished 1992 with nearly 100000 spectators in Freiburg. It was resumed in 1993 with a new program at the Karlsruhe State Theatre 1993-1994 ELECTRA (Sophocles) Production - Project: Women in ancient theatre (Karlsruhe State Theatre) LA MUETTE DE PORTICI (Auber) Production (Karlsruhe State Theatre) EUGENE ONEGIN (Tchaikovsky) Production (National Opera of Korea, Seoul) THE FORCE OF DESTINY(Verdi) Production (Wiesbaden State Theatre) PARADIES DER KATZEN (Mehring) Production - Asian tale - Project against racism and xenophobia (Karlsruhe State Theatre) WINTERBALLADE (Hauptmann / Meyerowitz) Opera-Production (Trier Theatre) LA DUENA (Roberto Gerhard) Opera-Production (Bielefeld City - Theatre) DIE KLUGE (Carl Orff) Production (Karlsruhe State Theatre) L'HEURE ESPAGNOLE (Ravel) Production (State Theatre Karlsruhe) BODY - VOICE – SPACE Workshop (Paris – Malta) THE GIPSY CARAVAN (Mehring) Production (Karlsruhe State Theatre) 1995-1996 MADAME BUTTERFLY (Puccini) Production (Wiesbaden State Theatre) BODY-VOICE-SPACE (Mehring) Workshop Production (Korean Television-Seoul) THE MALTESE CROSS (Camilleri/Inglott) Opera Production -European Co-Production (Valletta, Malta) <<<back        next >>>